Building and feeling a part of a community is one of the most important things in a person's life. It is necessary for learning, happiness, and stability. Female entrepreneurs, and mom entrepreneurs in particular face unique struggles while they are building their businesses. Join our community to connect, share, encourage and find your tribe.

These women are doing amazing things with their businesses!

From Dr. Karen who owns Camas Medspa while managing her family with grown adult Autistic son Jordan to…

Katie who quite her job as a lawyer to pursue her artistic leanings and now runs Quaint Baby in Ireland to…

My Co-Founder Lisa who has dedicated her life to helping moms with NJ’s first PMAD center, the Bloom Foundation and her own personal brand…

…these women prove that YOU TOO can do anything you want! Read their stories, follow their journeys, and be a woman supporting women!


Laura Steerman, Founder of Quaint Baby Art
ToniLynn Hansen, Founder of Break and Bloom Apparel
Kathryn Kramers Waters Art
Nancy Rommelmann, Author and Journalist
Dr. Karen Gaskell, Owner Camas Medspa and Founder of Hope for Uganda
Katie Woodcock, Founder of All The Little Hearts
Maureen Fura and Melissa Guevara - Co-Founders
Kim Kriesel, Owner of Well Mamas Counseling
Lisa Tremayne, Director of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Center of NJ and Founder of The Bloom Foundation for Maternal Wellness
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