I’m all booked up right now and not taking on any new clients. 

If you would still like to connect, please shoot me an email to shannon@thestartupwoman.net

For more than 20 years I have been working as an employee, an employer, a consultant, and a coach in the marketing/business/entrepreneurial life arena. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, startups, leaders, and many, many businesses at different stages of growth, but my absolute favorite, favorite experiences were (and still are) working with female entrepreneurs who are have found their brave and are actively pursuing their dreams!

So mama, I am here for you. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with you to get you where you are going quicker, with a few less bumps, and a lot more support.

In the days of yore (meaning about 5 years ago) being a mompreneur wasn’t really a thing and there were certainly no women out there grabbing the hands of other moms and lifting them up, sharing the wisdom needed to achieve success. I slogged through the mud alone, but you shouldn’t have to.

Whether you are just starting out or are looking to scale your business and team, I can help you get to the next level, because I get it.

Email me at shannon@thestartupwoman.net to get started! 

Coaching and Mentoring with

Get the results you want. Find the time for your priorities. Make money doing purposeful work. Be confident and proud of your achievements. Become the known and trusted expert for your niche. Attract your ideal clients who are thrilled to pay you what you’re worth. Be successful without the guilt.


Four30 minutes$300
Three60 minutes$400
Four60 minutes$500


Our meetings will be through Zoom for FaceTime. I have found we can both be more productive when we see each other face to face. That being said, as a busy mom things happen and it isn’t always easy to sit for a Zoom so we can do phone calls if needed. 

Each time we have a call, we’ll spend the full time talking about what you’ve accomplished since our last call, and the action steps you’ll take before our next chat. I’m available between calls by email and text, but I trust my clients not to abuse that privilege.

I’m great at helping business owners figure out what they love about their business and how to balance that with what else they have going on. We’ll talk about where you’re going, what your target market is, how to reach them, how to grow your business, what you can delegate, when it’s time to hire, when you might need to pivot, and a whole host of other issues and questions.


Some moms prefer to share coaching costs or have group general coaching sessions with their friends. The cost per group session is $150 per hour. You may also prefer to have coaching session in an on-demand format – meaning for specific projects or intermittently as needed. I can absolutely accommodate those needs and the price per hour is $120. CUSTOM PACKAGES ALSO AVAILABLE. email me at shannon@thestartupwoman.net for more information. 


Interested in hiring me to speak to your group or at your conference? I love to keynote, moderate a panel, and lead workshops on a variety of topics that serve mom entrepreneurs. I can do this virtually (through webinars, ZOOM, livestreaming, and conferencing services) or in person. See my speaking page for more information.


When you are in the mix with your venture it is easy to slow down and not know how to continue to soar.
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Understanding the wizard behind the curtain is important for your business, basically the techy stuff.
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