5 TED Talks To Inspire and Motivate You!

In our work and in our personal lives we tend to lean towards the routine and find comfort and connection in sameness. We surround ourselves with people who like the same things, watch the same TV shows, read the same books etc. and we assume our small little bubble of sameness is how the world works, or at least should, but it is kind of a great thing when you realize that isn’t really how things are.

Yesterday, during a sun-soaked, wine-infused, sushi-plated afternoon of reminiscing, laughter, and discussions that touched on feminism, plant-based diets, 10,000 hours, and mental illness, a college friend I hadn’t seen in over 35 years casually mentioned she didn’t know who Brene Brown was. 

Beautiful, smart, successful and much more poised than I could ever hope to be, my friend Renee is a truly exceptional woman. And because exceptional woman need to know exceptional women (and because any opportunity for me to fangirl Ms. Brown is an opportunity to be taken), I am sharing some talks from women who owned the TED stage.

For you, Renee.

Brene Brown

You may have seen (you should if you haven’t) Brene Brown’s Call to Courage on Netflix, but her TED Talks about Shame and Vulnerability are still 2 of the most inspirational and mind-bending talks to date. 

Luvvie Ajayi

Self proclaimed professional troublemaker, Luvvie Ajayi, isn’t afraid to speak her mind or to be the one dissenting voice in a crowd, and neither should you. “Your silence serves no one,” says the writer, activist and self-proclaimed professional troublemaker. In this bright, uplifting talk, Ajayi shares three questions to ask yourself if you’re teetering on the edge of speaking up or quieting down — and encourages all of us to get a little more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Ruby Wax

Ruby is loud and funny and talks openly about the day she had her mental breakdown. She talks about the sense of shame that comes with mental illness and asks how come every other organ in the body can get sick and you get love, except the brain.

Shonda Rhimes

The power behind some of our favorite tv shows like Grey’s Anatomyand How to Get Away With Murder, titan Shonda Rimes is just like us (kind of).

She admits that she loves working more than she loves being at home and that a dream job is no dream and all work… and kind of wonderful.

Amy Purdy

When you are feeling powerless & out of control, Amy Purdy’s story will inspire you greatly.

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