The Best Times To Post On Social Media: Infographic

Millions and millions of years ago when Facebook was just a wee little baby (okay, so maybe it was around 12 or something like that) and us marketing people were trying to convince businesses that this social media thing would be good for them I used to try desperately to figure out that sweet spot:


  • Post on Facebook
  • Send a Newsletter
  • Tweet
  • Pin
  • Ig, Link, Snap, and on and on

The experts had their lists, which I followed religiously and then new lists came out and I followed those religiously… Groundhog Day.

This created problems for me.

One of the biggest traps I felt myself fall into was this – I would miss the “time posting window” because one of 7,000 things happened usually involving a kid or dog or husband or other mouth breather who inhabited my space who would need something, again. Sometimes it would be a business hiccup, but I’d rather blame it 💯 on my family and friends.

So, I would have my social media content schedule all ready and then miss it, probably 60% of the time. And what would I do, I would wait for the next open window, just wait because of that “time posting window.”

Please understand I was being stupid, because I didn’t really understand what was and what wasn’t important yet. So, instead of just posting 1/2 hr or any other time outside of the “time posting window,” I would hold on to my content and wait


when I inevitably would miss the second window and my bitchy would boil up and I would be so worried that I was doing something wrong that everything else would be affected – my creativity, my production, food for the mouth-breathers in my house.

I bet you think I am going to tell you the times and the dates didn’t matter and I should have just posted when I could post.


Well, actually yes.

Kind of.

It does matter, but not as much as you think and not how you think. I can absolutely NOT tell you when is the best time for you to post on social media because there is no sweet spot or best time.

Sorry about that.

Social media is fluid and flexible and being intuitive is oh so important when it comes to social media, and while there are no “right ways,” of doing things like posting, there are some that work some times.


The mom with teens will not checking her phone at 2am like the mom with a newborn.

Are you trying to fill your restaurant on a Wednesday evening? Then post delicious food on IG around 5pm when people are starting to get hungry (this is one of those some times.)

If your content doesn’t resonate, if it is boring or looks basic, has bad grammar or appears lazy then it wouldn’t matter if every single person in your target demographic was online at the exact time you posted, because if it sucks it sucks.

Bottom line is YOU need to figure out what works for your brand, your demographic and for you. And if the window closes during that time, remember that window doesn’t really exist – it is something you (or some self proclaimed expert) decided it existed so if you miss it then you miss it.

Don’t stress about it. After you have put the baby down or dealt with a last minute inventory issues or listened to your Dad talk on the phone about his doctor’s appointments again and again, then post the shit out of your good stuff because ultimately it isn’t when you put it out, it’s what you put out.

Now, I will semi-hypocritically give you a list of sometimes good times that you can glance at but do not etch these in stone or cross stitch into a reminder that you frame and hang on the wall of your office. Glance, just a glance

best times to post on social media

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