How To Start Right This Moment

Stop thinking and start doing! You won’t have it figured out from start to finish, but if you have the idea you need to begin before you talk yourself out of it or even worse, let someone else talk you out of it.

Is your idea great, or is it just shit. Who knows, not me and trust me there is not one other person in your life who has the answer to that question. Remember the guy who decided to start a business that allowed you to send letters with glitter to your enemies. Dumb, yep. And kind of a bit awesome. Oh, and he closed down quickly because he got so many orders he couldn’t scale. Good problem to have if you ask me. Obviously, you want to be able to scale a long-term business but who really wants to send envelopes filled with glitter for a full time job anyway.

My point is, start now because I guarantee you if you do not life will get in the way. Your MIL will not support you, your kids will get in the way, your washing machine will break (mine is actually broken right now and I am choosing to ignore it until later because I want you to start!). You get the point!

This post and this website will give you the steps and tools to get your entrepreneurial business going.

I am not going to tell you how to make the perfect speaker sock – yes, this is an idea that The Russian has (read more about me to understand who The Russian is). I am going to tell you how to make sure the world knows about your speaker socks (honestly, I have no idea what a speaker sock is) – step by step.

Join me and my friend as we journey and follow our entrepreneurial dreams together!

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