Successful Entrepreneurs Understand This One Simple Rule

There are no rules. 

That’s it. 

Yes, I know you hate me right now. You were looking for the secret, the answer to it all. Sorry again, but there are absolutely no rules, no pills, no secret sauce to achieving success in business.

A friend of mine has a very, very successful non-profit and he has raised amazing amounts of money doing exactly the opposite of what every professional fundraiser will tell you to do. He knows this because every time he talks to a media company trying to get his business they tell him this. How did he do it… he led with passion. He didn’t get bogged down in the rules created by people who had no idea the why’s and how’s and when’s and the story of his pursuit. He just kept on moving forward, pivoting when he needed, and not taking no for an answer.

The same is true for you.

I believe the more you attach yourself to the way things are “supposed to be done,” the less chance you have of success.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you want to grow; what I want you to understand is that you have to build your business your way. Even if there were rules (which there are not!!), they wouldn’t apply to you.

Now What?

I know that rules are comfortable, and in a sense they help guide you and give you direction. And you know what, there are a few that you will want to follow. On this website, you will see lots of suggestions from me, list of my favorites, tools I think you should use, and those are necessary, but they aren’t really rules. Follow my tips, I got them by making mistakes and learning, but I am only going to ever give you info that are action items to help you, not rules to restrict you.

The next time you are considering a major shift, there’s very little measurable benefit in going to Google for the answer. You’ll find lots of great answers about what OTHER people have done, which can be nice for context and inspiration, but I caution you against doing what they’ve done just because they’ve done it and written about it.

They’ve found a way that works for them, and that’s fantastic, but that doesn’t even come close to predicting how much success you’ll have with the same approach.

Instead, try this: when you need to make a decision, just make it. Go with what feels right, listen to your instinct. That’s how it becomes your rule.

The only way to get comfortable in making decisions is to make decisions. Sometimes you will fail, but that won’t be because you didn’t follow the rules that Jeff Bezos did when scaling Amazon, it will be because you will fail… a lot. However, I guarantee you will fail a lot less if you lead with your passion, your gut, your bravery.

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